북어국(dried pollock soup)

북어국 is a soup that is made of dried pollock as a main ingredient. The soup is commonly boiled with dried pollock and sometimes with beef, the mild flavor is a good reception for people who would not like to eat Korean style spicy soups.

It is for hangover purpose, the purpose is not only hangover purpose, but its mild flavor makes people’s stomach better perceptual reception, wife serves 북어국 when husband was back from alcoholic sessions with friends.

북어 is dried pollock that is with other ingredients, such as ground garlic, bite size radish and green onions. While it is being boiled, cracked eggs are stirred by, it looks as comfortable appearance for beginning gourmet too^^

There is 3-minutes instant cook brands for 북어국, please visit Korean mart when you would like to try the soup easy way. It would be your favorite Korean soup^^

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