The meaning of “반반치킨”

Korean have their cultural heritages most of international people can be amused, culinary culture too. Our generation (generation born after 1980s) becomes mainstream, many areas of community have improved the quality of production even better than older generations. The instant ramyun for example, the ramyuns traditional mainstream manipulated are too similar, not unique and it

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What is meaning of “악마의 편집”?

The broadcasting programs are product of PD’s creation. PDs manipulate process of the program and cast members, lead out taking movie camera and do post-production processes. The broadcasting program they made is often a medium of communication for particular purpose, to announce certain obscure event or even in punishment too, the modern broadcasting programs have

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What is “인문학”?

인문학 is 人文學, where 人 is human, 文 is writing, 學 is science. It is used as translation from Western term “humanity science” which includes history, philosophy and literature. The invention of writing established civilization so 인문학 is considered as the foundation of human civilization. Many countries have 인문학 program in university program, and it

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