The legendary Korean comedian Kim Hyung-gon

김형곤(Kim Hyung-gon, 金亨坤, 1960/05/30 ~ 2006/03/11) was one of the legendary Korean comedian many people recall his moments of comedy activities, both on television and offline standing comedy. He popularized many phrases which were measurement of popularity of comedian. “잘 되야 될텐데, 잘 될 턱이 있나” (I hope it will be going well, but is it so?) or 공포의 삼겹살(horror bacon) the former is from his depiction of company boss and latter as his fat body was characterised.

The days he was living life as comedian, army force regime had persecuted many innocent public and its satirization is prohibited. It is known when it is performed for public show, the participants should see intelligent service agent to be tortured by. When Roh Tae-woo regime had political governing power they loosened the condition, and many comedians bravely performed satirization of political corruptions, one of the pioneer was Kim Hyung-gon.

He had bachelor’s degree at Korean language education, so capable to present public lectures too, and had capability to make stories to criticise government corruption. He appeared as company CEO who was depicted as stupid rich man, and the other corner, he appeared as ancient sage teaching pupils. The storyline is very clever and performance of participatory comedians are great cooperation, all of the performances are successful, rated by many present day viewers also liked it.

The comedian generation shifted to younger people, he postponed appearance in television as other same generation with him are similarly, he appeared wine bar to present standing comedy and presented public lectures about various topics, it is his talented manner of teaching experiences, to present people about life issues with witty of comedian experiences too.

His death is sudden unexpectation to people. He did diet well and weight was dramatically reduced, but when he is at washroom after fitness sessions, internal hemorrhage occurred, and died suddenly.

However, he was legendary liver, everyone likes to remember how he gave people pure laugh. There is relics he remained, laugh is how we live by, and it would be good life he had lived for.

This is what he remained in his homepage before death.

The Ten Commandments of laughing out loud

  1. Laugh loudly
  2. Laugh even when reluctance
  3. Laugh at the morning
  4. Laugh by definite time setting
  5. Laugh with hearts
  6. Laugh with happy thinking
  7. Laugh together with people
  8. Laugh when we experience harsh
  9. Laugh and one more time
  10. Laugh with imagination when our dreams come true

The Korean language says “comedian is evangelist of laughing out loud” and it is true for Kim. The storylines he performed ameliorate people’s harsh days, really great masterpiece when Korean people can recommend for international people to see.

The following is examples how he did performance. Please see and entertained by great watching with it! (There is satirization of Japan and China at the mid of the second video, it is just topic for offline talk, so please be wider mind if you are Japanese of Chinese viewers ^^)

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