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“The pictorial moment of traditional, industrial, and the cultural sceneries of South Korean four seasons, we are lure of it”

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The most important thing we need to do is to see what language they use and how the vocabulary means to.


What is best foods for international gourmet friends? This is beyond recommendation of Kimchi or Bibimbap.

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This is cultural aspects of South Korean dimensions, two of the main categories: good things and bad things. We can bring you every aspect of their cultures, with positive and negative impact. South Korea is basically great attractive country. How about knowing deep dive into it? Take a look at it!

The historical perspectives

South Korea started as their modern development from poor country who took the support by wealthier countries. Now they have become the wealthier country who gives support for the underdeveloped countries. This section explains how its progress has been advanced, as dramatic narratives.

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